Business Talk: What are The Main Issues to Watch Out for in Starting a New Business

In new or growing businesses, no matter how knowledgeable and financially literate you are – life can still surprise you. As your business grows, various problems and opportunities that demand different approaches and solutions will come your way. These are tips for young and new business owners so that they can watch out for issues in their business. 


We need money. Unless you are extremely lucky to have a flowing stream of money, either from sales or investors, money is going to be an issue sooner rather than later. Lacking a budget for a project can delay important progress such as production, hiring staff, or new offices. Every department in a business company needs to be funded for their software, product development, marketing, and more. Leaders must be equipped to manage time and money to get to the next level. So, before you start, it is essential to anticipate this issue and find ways to resolve it right away. 

Neglecting Marking and Sales

If you think the word of mouth is enough to boost your company’s sales, think again. It’s true, a good review from your loyal and satisfied customers is great for the company’s image but not enough to sustain them. Sales and marketing will help in growing a company organically. A proper structure plan and setup can be made by the right people in the team of sales and marketing. So, finding the right people to nurture your business is important. 

Also, investing in SEO can help to secure the website is accessible to search engines and get your content ranking for relevant keywords. Good content will not only help your customers get the help they needed, but it also helps your company to be more reachable.  

Planning Deficiency

Typically, the lack of a proper business plan is the beginning of a downfall. A business plan is crucial and strategic too that tackles every inch of your business. A good entrepreneur is aware and focuses on these specific steps to ensure that the business ideas succeed, and achieve short-term and long-term objectives as well. If you can prepare for every possibility, you know what you’re going to do when events take an unanticipated turn. 

Challenge of finding the right people

Selecting the right people to help you grow and nurture your business together is essential. Certain skills are important for a business to survive and foster, but the hardest part is knowing what are the exact skills and how are you going to find the best people. The recruiting and evaluation process eats up valuable time that could be spent on other zones of the business but it is the part that can never be neglected. Employees can make or break your business base on how they handle customers. Without good employees, your business will surely go downhill, so choose the good ones and train them. 

Time management

As a newbie in business, there is never enough time because there are so many decisions to be made that require more than 24hrs. So, that’s where time management comes in, focus and identify priorities from least to most, and eliminate distractions. Focus your time and energy on the most impactful things. Planning your day saves you time and unnecessary stress tomorrow. So, establish your goals use your limited time wisely. 

Scaling up

You’re lucky if your business is experiencing phenomenal growth but truthfully, most business owners turn out to be overwhelmed from all the successes that they ended up not knowing what exactly to do.  Scaling up will give you’re a brand-new set of headaches to match your sales and demands. So, you need to be strategic and gather every information that you need and listen to what your employees have about to say because their opinion matters too. If you have a lot more staff than you expected, it is time for you to hire more HR staff.

Also, upgrading into bigger and more comfortable office space will not only help our sales up but also to your productivity. However, scaling up is not only an issue but is an opportunity and a set stage to enable the growth and services of your company. It requires planning, funding, staff, technology, and partners. 

Comfort zone 

Growing as a beginner can feel like taking one step forward and three steps backward. Starting up, you’re going to need everything to build your confidence and be equipped and push yourself outside your comfort zone because you have to be ready to pitch your ideas to the investors and convince them. So, figure out where your comfort sits are a good way to make provisions when you need to or find a team that is comfortable to do the things that make you uneasy. 


No matter how good you are or how great your products and services can be, there will always be someone who can do better than you. So, you need to put yourself in your potential customer’s shoes and see how you perform. Show them how is your company different than others, what makes your product special, and what makes your product stand out. Hit the right balance between “us” and “them” and do not identify yourself just to overthrow your competitors, so just be confident on what you can give while also keeping an eye on the trend. 

Poor management

If there is one thing that any beginners should not involve themselves in are inefficient management. Management that acts as a team will likely succeed and achieve triumphs together because they are the ones who work well together during the early stages of your company. Also, they are possible to produce more sales and expand in various market conditions, so you need to have the right people to achieve the right decisions. Do not be just a boss but be an effective leader that will help the pack to succeed. Make sure that you and your team are on the same page, have the same goal, and working well together.

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