Digital Marketing Tips for 2021

Digital Marketing Tips for 2021

This year 2021 will have a domino effect from the pandemic that started last year, and no one knows if it is going to be over soon. No one had any idea what’s in store for us this year and consumer behavior is also different from what it was before. Today, innovative digital marketing tips are the top priority for most business owners this year. 

The ongoing pandemic has caused a paradigm shift and more business moves their products and services online and employees working remotely. Companies are more likely going to be shifting online and invest in digital marketing to stay ahead of the curve. So, what are the digital marketing tips that you need to know in 2021?

Using SEO and Google listings

If you own a business, one of the excellent ideas to boost your sales is to increase your walk-in customers, however, pandemic made that complicated these days. Growing your online presence will be your alternative since it gives improvement to your local listings and various search platforms available. For the local business that relies only on walk-in customers, listing services like Google My Business is extremely useful because they also offer information such as your services, service hours, and your precise location.   

Social Media Engagement

Increase the use of social media to engage and retain customers and add traffic to your site. Social media will ensure that with a proper marketing strategy, your products and services will be visible and it will create new opportunities. In 2020, people spend most of their time online from grocery and luxurious shopping, buying prescription drugs, games, and even events, all can be done online. 

Customers today are keen on researching the products they are using. They are more aware and informed about the things they purchase. From searching online for products, brands, and sustainability, they consider more factors. In making a better plan, increase your social media engagement by developing a good content plan, regular posts and updates, monitor reviews and customer response, and make your business more appealing. 

Providing Interactive Marketing

Providing collaborative elements to your website and social media platforms is the best approach to retain and charm your visitors. Increase their engagement with your customer by introducing them to your brand, product, and services while learning about them as well. Learn about your visitors by making Calculator, Polls, Quizzes, User-generated content, Experiential Marketing, and Live videos. This way, you can get data from your customers and it is also more effective at educating the buyer compared to static content. 

Video Content

A video is a useful tool when it comes to helping potential buyers learn about a product. Videos have helped increased use understanding of a product or service offers. Customers will only buy the product when they understand what it does and how it will help them in their everyday lives. Today, the popularity of Videos has gone hand-in-hand with the rise of social media. Despite its popularity, some marketers are not still using video as part of their digital marketing strategy.

YouTube is an online platform owned by Google where you can find and upload any type of videos as long as it is not violating its platform. It is a good site to promote, boost your conversation rates, build trust, a good addition to your marketing campaigns, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) loves videos. You can start by making a channel for your products, collaborate with Influencers, and make a tutorial or a product review type of video. Addressing your services in the Title can have a bigger impact on SEO ranking. 

Personalized Content for Target Customers

Personalized content for your customers is considered a useful marketing tool today to increase online traffic to your site. It helps you figure out effective campaigns, inform your audience, and achieve your goals in the digital field. To achieve that, however, personalization will go beyond email customization, since it will include Artificial Intelligence (AI) input for a more effective and efficient flow of personalization. 

Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Chatbots and AI are transforming the world of digital marketing. Chatbots are supplemental to provide a simultaneous response for multiple conversations with your audience in the best way possible. Through the help of AI machines, it is more possible to connect with your customers directly. Even after office hours or sleeping, your Chatbots can do the work for you. 

Influencer Marketing 

The word of mouth is an important marketing strategy since it’s like an actual testimony, especially for local businesses. Well, Influencer Marketing can work like that. Influencers can work with your brand to amplify your platform to a bigger market. Influencers can be celebrities, Instagram, or YouTube personalities with a huge group of supporters and followers. Also, finding the right influencer for your brand can be done through AI. 

Social Messaging Apps

It’s about 10 million messages are sent between consumers and business owners every month on Messenger App. WhatsApp has 1.6 billion active users and 55 billion messages are being sent every day. Since more people are spending their time on their phones and messaging each other, it is reasonable to market your product in these types of Apps. The reasons why you should use messaging apps to market it’s because it can cultivate contact, bring out information, increase your sales, you can involve people in events, gain potential customers, and you can provide immediate support and response. 

Pinterest Lens 

Pinterest has come out with a lens, a tool that allows the user to take a photo of an item to automatically look for the product or anything similar related to what they search online. Pinterest is also a good place to market your brand and make sure to optimize visual search. The top search categories in the lens are Fashion, Home décor, Art, Food, Products, Animals, Outfits, Beauty, Vehicles, and Travel. So, whichever of these categories your brand belongs to, there sure is a place for it in Pinterest Lens.

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