Why Marketing is Queen in 2021? | Everything You Need To Know

Content and Marketing are analogous to the game of Chess — Content is the King and Marketing is the Queen. The King must be protected at all cost while the Queen is one of the most valuable pieces in the game of Chess and can move anywhere on the board as long as there is no piece blocking the way. This analogy can draw absolute comparisons between business and chess. Your content is the most powerful piece in your campaign but marketing has the power to win or bust your game. 

It’s About How You Say It

These days, your content is lifeless without effective marketing strategies, so finding ways to expand your content’s horizon is crucial for your everyday business. Just like how the Queen move horizontally and vertically in the chessboard, that is how your marketing strategy should function – educating your audience and spreading the word across different platforms. In this day and age, we see various marketing campaigns made to capture the attention of potential customers. However, with the eagerness to pursue strong and effective marketing, some companies unconsciously neglecting a possible customer’s intelligence by distributing low-quality content with zero value. 

Schemes to promote a product or service can become stale over time, so you have to constantly create a game plan on developing a creative approach that attracts customers. But, if you have already established a strong brand, it can be reliable in the meantime while brainstorming your next move. For established products and services, uplift your existing customer and encourage them to share their own stories. This way, you can ensure that your content will continuously rule as King. 

Therefore, if you producing without value added to the content all the way to your customers, your company will suffer and your sales have a strong probability of failure. Also, if you let a poor marketing strategy lead your content, your content will be left alone untouched. This is why we need the expertise of a digital marketing company to help, lead, and reach the right target audience.

Important Details of A Strong Marketing Strategy


Marketers need to give concise guidelines and should be clear about their intentions for the pieces of content they want to promote, so this way, everyone is content and marketing makes everyone accountable. Being keen on details and checking is also crucial for marketings to preserve the quality of content they want to promote. Also, content must be precise and fits well within the strategy. The target audience must be able to understand and read it at times. Either way, neither of them should accept and produce low-quality content for the sake of filling the Lorem Ipsum or meeting the due dates. 

Content creation is never easy. You have to ensure the value and quality so the people can read it. Also, it should be shared, educational, and remembered. Writing is not just about being interesting and appealing to the target audience, but it must also help the Queen achieve her objectives and give back a positive result for the company. 

It is not just about having a good business, every strategy and content must be monitored and analyzed. Both elements must have the right environment to grow, foster, and adapt together. There is no perfect plan and strategy but both must deliver and serve their purpose.   

Building a reputation

The goal of the content is to reach and educate your target audience. To be an effective content writer, you need to establish strong and healthy relationships with your audience. Through this, you can gain their trust and support. Readable and precise content will make your audience come back for more and adding visual images to your content will add more value. So, to ensure the making of effective content, you have to read more and analyze your audience’s interest. 

Plan ahead

To stay on top of your game, you have to constantly reinvent your content. Just because you thought ‘Content is King’ does not mean that it is everything. Digital marketing is a system that must be orchestrated to get going. When creating content, writing about the ‘hot topics’ is a good move but you need to think of evergreen or timeless topics that should still be relevant in the future. Thinking about how to make a long-lasting impression on your audience is important.

Typical may it sound but there is no “all-around” approach in content marketing, thinking about different approaches periodically is a constant job. 


The work made by the marketing is defined by the quality of content in it. To provide the desired quality, you have to attract and capture the attention of your regular site visitors and fuel their curiosity and intelligence. You provide them the information they never thought they needed and what it is they need to read about. We have to agree that Content is King, while Marketing is Queen. To be successful, both must coordinate with one another to have a successful blueprint and content to produce. 

Related Questions

Why Content is King?

This popular quote was originally from an essay in 1996 made by Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft. He clearly illustrates that the internet is the marketplace for content. The quote becomes more popular today since we are all in the digital age and more company is focused on improving their marketing strategy. Today is the era of digital marketing and it is composed of strong components such as Search Engine Optimization and different types of marketing. Content is King but to run a digital marketing company, is not enough. 

Is Content Still King in 2021?

Yes! Content is still king in 2021. Imagine opening your phone and finding nothing interesting on the web — it’s boring. Today, we spend most of our time searching for content, whether it is business, video games, videos or vlogs, podcasts, and social media. So if you disagree with that, think twice. 

What SEO Means?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a search engine tool for getting pages to rank in search engines such as Google, Bing, Amazon, or YouTube. It is the main way for people to discover content online. High ranking in Search engines can lead to an increase in website traffic. 

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