At RMC, we recognize and value your privacy. As such, we always take reasonable measures to ensure the safety and security of all information provided by both our administrators, customers, and users.

To make sure that we can offer you the best services in terms of safeguarding your information, make sure to read and understand the Privacy Policy outlined below. 

Collection of Personal Data

RMC collects, stores, and uses personal information from its site administrators and users to provide you with our services and to continually improve, ensuring that you get the best with every visit. In this Privacy Policy statement, we ensure you that the information you provide us will not be rented or sold by us or any of our third-party affiliates. Furthermore, RMC does not share information with third-party affiliates aside from those stipulated in our respective service contracts with each of them.

We are collecting Personal Data from users from any or all of the following sources:

  • Data Provided. Whenever you contact RMC through any media (including but not limited to email, phone correspondence, airmail, or through the customer contact portal on the Website.) we may store the Personal Data you give us for future reference and documentation processes.
  • Public Data. Upon establishing contact with you as a client or partner, RMC might collect Personal Data that is publicly available on your social media accounts. Similarly, should you choose to log in using social media accounts, any public information might be collected and stored.
  • Third-Party Data. We may also collect or obtain Personal Data from third parties who provide it to us (including but not limited to credit agencies and law enforcement authorities).

Legal Basis for the Collection and Processing of Personal Data

RMC will only collect personal information from administrators and users in relation to the services it offers on the Website. We ensure that the collection and processing of all Personal Data remain in line with the Company’s legitimate interests and that it will not override your interests nor will it infringe on your rights and freedoms. To do this, we will be requesting your consent before proceeding with any collection or processing actions.

In the event that RMC is required to collect your Personal Data through third parties, we are obliged to first clarify and seek your consent before any related actions are taken. Should RMC or the third parties involved take action without prior consent, you are encouraged to retract the information collected.