Success Leaves Clues

Success Leaves Clues

Success Leaves Clues

How do you define success? Most of us equate success to prosperity, popularity, or happiness. Few people define success as when they attained financial stability, others identify it when they achieve genuine happiness. Success is defined in so many ways as an individual. Some even say that it is only a matter of perspective on how you look at things. 

What to do to achieve success?

There is no step-by-step procedure in achieving success but here are some insights that might help you.

Success Leaves Clues
  1. Self-evaluation

Honest self-assessment gives you full self-awareness which everyone is not capable of doing. Through it, you will be able to identify your strengths and areas that need improvement. Self-evaluation is important to understand oneself, to identify the desire & needs, to track progress, and to help others as well.

In business and institutions, evaluations are also conducted to work on their behavior to gain perceptions in managing tasks and to participate more constructively.

  1. Self-fulfillment

Self-fulfillment is defined as the ability to make yourself happy and content through yourself. Working towards self-fulfillment is a lifelong journey that everyone must take. Acceptance of everything that comes is the first step forward and it will help you achieve self-actualization.  Doing things that we love while getting the benefit of it is one example of self-fulfillment.

  1. Build Good Habits

Why build good habits? Because the majority of successful people often establish good habits. Repetition is the best form of knowledge because it helps the transition of skill from conscious to subconscious. The more often a skill or task is repeated, the more likely that it will become a habit and in the long run, it develops to be easier.

Building good habits is not as easy as it sounds. Some theories help us to break bad habits and create new and better ones. These are cue, craving, response, and reward. It must also correspond to the questions of how can I make it obvious, attractive, easy, and satisfying. According to James Clear in his book Atomic Habits, the questions of how’s will be your mold in shaping your systems in life.

The when question is much more challenging because there is no right or wrong time to build and break bad ones. Instead, choosing easy habits to build makes it more attractive, makes you crave, and understanding it could turn out to be more rewarding.

  1. Healthy Surroundings

Surround yourself with the right people! No matter how you deal with your life, the people that you have close connections with will affect you. For example, a study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that if your friend becomes overweight, then you have a 57% chance of increasing obesity yourself even if you are miles away from your friend. In short, illness is not something that you easily get but it is potentially innate. For that reason, in all aspects of life, we must surround ourselves with people with similar goals like us. They will serve as our inspiration and guide towards achieving our goals.

  1. Embrace the Boredom

While building good behaviors for ourselves, there are times when we fall and find ourselves giving away to our weaknesses. One of the possible reasons for that is boredom due to repeated acts. It may not be as effective as it used to be since it has become more of a routine. Embracing boredom is tougher than it sounds. First, you have to think of your purpose, do the most boring things beforehand, and allow yourself to fall in love with the process.

Boredom is a crucial step for us to know how badly we want something. Avoid being overwhelmed and take a break if you feel you need to. It is okay to be bored at some point, and we have to take a tight grip on that.

  1. Model The Best

Every success story leaves its own markings. Those marks will inspire people to search towards attaining it. Figuring out what footprints to follow will also enlighten us what we really want. Each process and its beginning will always be hard but finding the right people that will show and teach you the true meaning of success is rare. Success is a present for ourselves and for others. 

To live victoriously, you must focus on your version of success. There are different but unique paths for everybody and it is a gift that needs to be planted and nurtured. At the end of the day, let us celebrate even the small ones to appreciate the greatest triumphs ahead!

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